Prolotherapy for Lumbar Segmental Instability Associated with Degenerative Disc Disease

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Prolotherapy is an injection-based therapy that may be used in the management of chronic lower back pain. In principle, injection solutions are formulated to produce an inflammatory response, which in turn promotes ligamentous and tendonous regeneration. This case study series offers some ideas as to how Prolotherapy might be advantageous in the management of discogenic lower back pain through improving vertebral segmental stability. When the disc is of normal height, the ligaments that hold the spine together remain at normal length…

Building a Rationale for Evidence-Based Prolotherapy in an Orthopedic Medicine Practice: Part III: A Case Series Report of Chronic Back Pain Associated with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Treated by Prolotherapy – A Six Year Prospective Analysis

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By Gary B. Clark, MD, MPA As we delve into what we initially perceive as the truth, It usually becomes “curiouser and curiouser.” Part I of this series discussed the evolution of medical scientific thinking. It visited the historical progression of Empirical, Deductive, Inductive, and Abductive reasoning (a suitable acronym being “IDEA”), using a low back pain patient more »