69 Year-old Still Running 100-mile Races Thanks to Prolotherapy

Sam Rizk is a 69 year-old man who came to Caring Medical in June of 2008 with complaints of left low back and ischial tuberosity (sitz bone) pain for the past six years. The pain was aggravated by running, so he had ceased running for three months prior to seeing us. Sam is an endurance runner who picked up running at the age of 53. He had tried chiropractic and physical therapy, but achieved only temporary relief of his pain. He had also tried Prolotherapy with another doctor which also gave him temporary relief. When his pain returned with continued running, he decided to give Prolotherapy another try, and this time at Caring Medical.

At his first visit Sam had tenderness in the left L3-S1, left SI and left ischial tuberosity regions. Prolotherapy was administered that same day to the left low back and left ischial tuberosity. We did not see Sam again until February of 2009 when he returned for another Prolotherapy treatment. He reported that his one treatment the prior year gave him “marked improvement” and he was able to complete two marathons in June 2008. He returned for another Prolotherapy treatment due to a flare up of low back pain after doing some heavy training for two upcoming races, one in March 2009 and one in April 2009. He was determined to get back on his training path, so we treated him once again with Prolotherapy.

He sent us a picture in May 2009 saying that Prolotherapy not only helped him with pain, but it enabled him to set his personal record and complete his third hundred mile running race.

On July 23, 2009, he returned to Caring Medical because he had injured his right low back and his shoulder while doing some speed work and heavy lifting. Sam received Prolotherapy to all of the painful areas and is now feeling 100% again. He is currently continuing marathon and ultramarathon training.

To date, Sam has completed 18 marathons, three 100-mile endurance races, two 50-mile endurance races, and numerous 5K and 10K races. He is a believer in Prolotherapy, its healing ability and its ability to get people back to an active life.

Sam Rizk running a 100-mile race thanks to Prolotherapy.