Clinical Outcome of Bone Marrow Concentrate in Knee Osteoarthritis

Posted on Posted in Chakrapani Pathikonda, David M. Crane, MD, Kristin S. Oliver, MD, Matt Bayes, MD, Volume 7 : 2015

Knee osteoarthritis is an increasing health concern in the adult population. Nonsurgical treatment options for pain reduction and function improvement are limited in number and provide only short-term relief. The potential of regenerative therapies to go beyond temporary symptom reduction and delay or negate the need for total knee joint arthroplasty is enticing to both patients and providers.

Upper Cervical Instability of Traumatic Origin Treated with Dextrose Prolotherapy: A Case Report

Posted on Posted in Volume 7 : 2015

Ross A. Hauser, MD1, Danielle R. Steilen, PA-C1 & Paul Fisher2 1Caring Medical Regenerative Medicine Clinics 2Gold Coast Chiropractic ABSTRACT Introduction: Ligamentous injury is widely viewed as a key to the pathophysiology of chronic neck pain. However, this hypothesis has little support with respect to data correlating patient status with either repair-promoting treatments or documentation more »