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The purpose of the Journal of Prolotherapy® is to provide its readers with new cutting-edge information on Prolotherapy, as well as provide a forum for physicians and patients alike to tell their stories.

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JOP Mission Statement

The mission of the Journal of Prolotherapy® is to educate the world on the life-changing effects of Prolotherapy.

Who Writes the JOP?


Ross A. Hauser, MD – Editor-In-Chief
Fort Myers, FL


Donna Alderman, DO
Valencia (Los Angeles) & Alameda (San Francisco), CA

George H. Kramer, MD
Minnetonka, MN

Rodney S. Van Pelt, MD
Ukiah, CA

Mark T. Wheaton, MD
Minnetonka, MN

Mark L. Johnson, MD, FACS
Nashville, TN

José Eleazar Calderón, MD
Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico

Garrett Swetlikoff, ND
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Shaun Fauley, DVM
Naperville, IL

Gary B. Clark, MD, MPA
Boulder, CO

Jörn Funck, MD

John Neustadt, ND
Bozeman, MT

Robert Banner, MD
London, Ontario, Canada

Gunter Baehnisch, MD
Leipzig, Germany

José Hector Salazar, MD
Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Mark DeLaurentis, MD
Voorhees, NJ

Babette Gladstein, VMD
New York, NY

Peter J. Blakemore, DO
Lansing, MI


Marion A. Hauser, MS, RD
Senior Editor

Nicole Baird, CHFP
Associate Editor

Travis Mitchell
Senior Graphic Designer/Webmaster

Barry Weiner
Media Relations

Enid Forsyth
Lay Editor