About the Journal of Prolotherapy

The purpose of the Journal of Prolotherapy® is to provide its readers with new cutting-edge information on Prolotherapy, as well as provide a forum for physicians and patients alike to tell their stories.

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Why the Journal of Prolotherapy®?

Our mission is to educate the world about the life-changing effects of Prolotherapy. Like you, we want more people to know that there is hope to get out of chronic pain and that hope is Prolotherapy.

When a person finds out about Prolotherapy for the first time, they often say or think “why haven’t I heard of this before?” JOP is doing their best to make sure everyone in chronic pain has at least heard about Prolotherapy. The skeptics of Prolotherapy often say that research is lacking. To put more of it out there, we continue to print in electronic and paper journal format, the experiences of doctors and patients with Prolotherapy. The whole journal revolves around the regenerative injection technique known as Prolotherapy.

JOP believes that it is important to get both the doctors’ and the patients’ perspectives. We believe that the greatest evidence for the effectiveness of Prolotherapy is not going to come from a “double-blind scientific study” but from the millions of changed lives from Prolotherapy. In essence, almost every patient that gets Prolotherapy proves that Prolotherapy works.

Most folks who get Prolotherapy have a chronic degenerative condition. These conditions are supposed to get worse with time. When such a person receives Prolotherapy and their condition subsequently reverses, as evidenced not only by the relief of pain, improvement in activity level, decrease in medication usage and usage of other health care for their pain, but also by X-ray and MRI improvement, this, in our opinion, is definitive proof that Prolotherapy does, indeed, regenerate structures.

With your help, we hope to continue to change lives. We want to get people back to sports, back to being active and without pain, back to being the kind of people they wish to be! We see hundreds, thousands, even millions of people getting out of pain because they received the life-changing effects of Prolotherapy. We believe that this is a cause worth fighting for! We hope you will join the fight by subscribing to JOP, writing articles, case studies, even your own experience with Prolotherapy, and get others on this crusade. Together educating the world about a successful treatment for chronic pain…and that treatment is Prolotherapy!

JOP Mission Statement

The mission of the Journal of Prolotherapy® is to educate the world on the life-changing effects of Prolotherapy.

Who Writes the JOP?


Ross A. Hauser, MD – Editor-In-Chief
Fort Myers, FL


Donna Alderman, DO
Valencia (Los Angeles) & Alameda (San Francisco), CA

George H. Kramer, MD
Minnetonka, MN

Rodney S. Van Pelt, MD
Ukiah, CA

Mark T. Wheaton, MD
Minnetonka, MN

Mark L. Johnson, MD, FACS
Nashville, TN

José Eleazar Calderón, MD
Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico

Garrett Swetlikoff, ND
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Shaun Fauley, DVM
Naperville, IL

Gary B. Clark, MD, MPA
Boulder, CO

Jörn Funck, MD

John Neustadt, ND
Bozeman, MT

Robert Banner, MD
London, Ontario, Canada

Gunter Baehnisch, MD
Leipzig, Germany

José Hector Salazar, MD
Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Mark DeLaurentis, MD
Voorhees, NJ

Babette Gladstein, VMD
New York, NY

Peter J. Blakemore, DO
Lansing, MI


Marion A. Hauser, MS, RD
Senior Editor

Nicole Baird, CHFP
Associate Editor

Travis Mitchell
Senior Graphic Designer/Webmaster

Barry Weiner
Media Relations

Enid Forsyth
Lay Editor