Our Patient’s Autologous Stem Cells are Drugs: The FDA Moving Down a Dangerous Slippery Slope

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By Christopher J. Centeno, MD Adult autologous stem cells (A-ASC’s) show great promise in research and early pre-clinical/clinical use. These cells have the potential to revolutionize medicine by repairing tissues directly or assisting in tissue healing.1 What you may not realize is that a herculean power struggle going on behind the scenes where the Food and Drug more »

Prolotherapy Under C-Arm Fluoroscopy

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By Christopher J. Centeno, MD pain management traditionally has focused on the use of C-arm fluoroscopy to inject the spine. Fluoroscopy is a real time X-ray designed to allow the physician to guide a needle into a specific location. (See Figure 1.) While Prolotherapy has been performed without the use of imaging guidance, our training in more »