Age Management Medicine Group 2010 Conference

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By Joseph J. Cukla, LPN The Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) held their annual conference in Las Vegas, November 11-14, 2010. The conference was held at the beautiful M Resort & Spa. AMMG was founded five years ago to provide education and information to healthcare professionals. Their mission statement explains, “The basic tenets of age management more »

A Retrospective Observational Study on Hackett-Hemwall Dextrose Prolotherapy for Unresolved Hand and Finger Pain at an Outpatient Charity Clinic in Rural Illinois

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ABSTRACT Hand and finger pain and stiffness are common problems that can affect the productivity of those afflicted, especially in regard to their activities of daily living. Prolotherapy is an injection treatment used to initiate a healing response in injured connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments, tissues commonly involved with hand and finger injuries. more »

Hyperthermia Induces Venous Blood Alkalosis: A Study in Five Ironman Triathletes

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By Ross A. Hauser, MD & Joseph J. Cukla, LPN ABSTRACT To study the relationship between athletic performance in extreme heat and blood chemistry abnormalities, five Ironman triathletes were subjected to a hyperthermic chamber for one hour. The goal was to simulate the excessive heat and the feelings they experienced during their suboptimal athletic performances in the Ironman more »

Standard Clinical X-ray Studies Document Cartilage Regeneration in Five Degenerated Knees After Prolotherapy

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By Ross A. Hauser, MD & Joseph J. Cukla, LPN ABSTRACT Degenerative joint disease is the most common form of arthritis. The condition is marked by progressive destruction of the articular cartilage which is easily documented by standard X-ray studies. The regeneration of this articular cartilage in clinical practice has been difficult. Five knees with articular cartilage degeneration more »