Prolotherapy Case Studies from Veterinarians

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By Babette Gladstein, VMD with contributions by Roger L. DeHaan, DVM & Shaun Fauley, DVM JUST LUIGI’S LUCK Things were going very badly for the tiny, five pound poodle. At just under one year-old, Luigi had been surrendered to the Humane Society because his family could no longer afford the care he needed. He had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia more »

My Experience With Prolotherapy In Animals: An Alternative Answer to Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Hip Dysplasia Degeneration

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By Roger L. DeHaan, DVM, MTS, CVC ABSTRACT Prolotherapy has an 80 to 90% success rate of animals returning to normal function, in cases of pain and limping due to ligament injury or joint degeneration. Some of the conditions treated successfully with Prolotherapy by this veterinarian include canine hip dysplasia and anterior cruciate ligament injuries. The more »