Letter from Andrew Spargo

I am a layman but found the journal to be very readable and understandable. I would like to see some controlled double-blind studies done. I can certainly see and appreciate the anecdotal evidence but think that the credibility of the field can only be enhanced by some rigorously controlled studies.

I enjoyed the diversity of the authors particularly the veterinarian. I found the short abstract on the various growth factors most interesting – IGF, TGF, VEGF, PDGF and bFGF. Controlled studies showing the efficacy of these growth factors would be amazing to me.

Yours faithfully,
Andrew Spargo

JOP Comments

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your input. We are being diligent on making the journal readable and profitable both to the doctor and the lay public. I would like to refer you to my editorial on page 71 that addresses the issue of double-blind studies for progressive conditions. Yes, we are hopeful that future research will show what we already know, that Prolotherapy stimulates the repair of injured structures and that it is one of the best therapies out there! We too can’t wait for the growth factors!