Letter from outside the U.S.

Dear Dr. Hauser,

I very much enjoyed the Journal of Prolotherapy, as it addresses doctors and patients, the kind of patient that seeks out healing options. I searched through the internet to research my treatment options, and educated myself on Prolotherapy and its benefits. The Journal of Prolotherapy is another resource for people making informed choices in their health care.

I can see that you almost have the perfect circle in the health care system, as noted on Page 63. It would be helpful to see more professionals listed on this page. Hopefully, the Journal of Prolotherapy will be able to educate more traditional physicians, who as a group I find to be resistant to integrative therapies. When speaking to my physician before coming for my first Prolotherapy treatment, I was surprised to learn that he knew of Prolotherapy. He stated that Prolotherapy “works differently” and continued to discuss the treatment he would provide. He did not discourage me from pursuing Prolotherapy, which was refreshing.

The Journal of Prolotherapy makes everything crystal clear. Both the benefits of prolotherapy and the mechanism of connective tissue were explained very well. As patients, I know we are often full of worry and in a rush. However, something I have learned with my injury is that when it comes to connective tissues, muscle and bones, healing can be baby steps.

One thing injured people may not realize, but should consider, is that the money they invest in Prolotherapy Treatment is truly a “Life Investment,” and once they are better they will see the world with different eyes. The money they invest will come back to them, as they will be physically able to be active again.

“Welding” is an appropriate and helpful term, and is the term I keep in mind as I receive the Prolotherapy treatment. I am looking forward to more “welding,” moving towards a strong and healthy body!

Letter submitted from outside the U.S., requesting anonymity.

JOP Comments

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your letter. Thank you also for reading the first issue. As you know it is our hope to get more doctors interested in Prolotherapy, but honestly a lot will happen if you and others who have received Prolotherapy spread the word! You are right, the word ‘weld’ is a good word as it pertains to Prolotherapy strengthening an area.