Letter from Randy Siber, DDS

Dear Dr Hauser and Staff,

Congratulations on your JOP Volume #1 Issue #1. It evidently reveals a lot of time and hard work. Thank you for continuing to fight the battle to promote Prolo. Remember as time passes your army will grow with more and more painfree soldiers but the army of failed arthroscopes and needless joint replacements will diminish. The good that you sow will not go unrewarded. David beats Goliath because God is sovereign.

The article on Alek Jakich and his post Prolo X-ray in December 2007 reminded me of my first visit with you that very same month. In June 2005 an orthopedic surgeon had given me “exercises” to do for my bilateral chondromalacia patellae and said I would need surgery someday to correct the chronic pain I was in. I remember lying in bed in pain and thinking there had to be a better way. In Feb 2006 my wife and I were touring Italy and we decided to climb St Peter’s Basilica, well I climbed back down the 451 steps backwards due to my pain. I looked silly and I realized I had to find relief to my pain. Prolo provided that relief to both knees in 9 treatments from your skilled hands and capable staff. The fact that Alek’s former physician wasn’t receptive to Prolo’s success doesn’t surprise me. I am in the healthcare field as a dentist and I have come across some big egos from the dental and medical community, in the private and military sectors, who are close-minded. I say shake the dust from your sandals or syringes and move on to the next city. You will find others who support Prolo, perhaps even the next new Surgeon General will be open to Prolo like Dr. Koop was. I’m looking forward to the next JOP.

Thanks for your belief in Prolo and faith in God.

Randy Siber, DDS
Canton, Ohio

JOP Comments

Dear Randy,

Thanks for you kind words. As you know it isn’t just the doctor’s fight to get Prolotherapy accepted but you, the patients, who have utilized Prolotherapy to get yourself back to the ‘land of the active’. Thanks for joining the fight for Prolotherapy, we hope you will multiply yourself manifold!