The Resolution of Grade I Lumbar Retrolisthesis with Prolotherapy: A Case Study

Posted on Posted in Glen M. Batson, DC, Remarkable Recoveries, Rob Werstine, BA, Robert Banner, MD, Volume 2 : Issue 2 : May 2010

By Robert Banner, MD, Glen M. Batson, DC, Rob Werstine, BA, BScPT, DIP. SPORT, DIP. MANIP, FCAMT, & Freddie Smith ABSTRACT Prolotherapy is indispensable when considering biomechanical correction in the treatment of pain associated with ligament laxity. This 51 year old male was referred for assessment and treatment of a 15 year history of chronic low back pain. more »

A New Approach for Injecting Patients with Low Back Pain using Prolotherapy Agents: Functional Prolotherapy

Posted on Posted in Ann Auburn, DO, Roy Bechtel, PT, PhD, Scott Benjamin, PT, DScPT, Teaching Techniques, Volume 1 : Issue 3 : August 2009

By Ann Auburn, DO, Scott Benjamin, PT, DSCPT, & Roy Bechtel, PT, PHD ABSTRACT The spine is a flexible mechanical system and performs several important functions. Performing Prolotherapy to the spine for regenerative purposes often restores function completely. The authors investigated and reported on alternative positioning for injecting the lower back and pelvic ligaments. Journal of Prolotherapy. 2009;1(3):181-183. more »