Emails from Ken Allen

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First email: I just wanted to say thanks for your article online about the detrimental effects of RICE treatment and NSAIDs on ligament and tendon healing. I came across your article after suffering terrible extensor tendonitis in my right foot, while ramping up mileage too quickly in marathon training. I followed your advice, skipped the ice more »

Why Prolotherapy is the Strongest Weapon I have found against Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries

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By Donna Alderman, DO When a person becomes a physician, he or she learns the Hippocratic Oath which sets down the rules for practicing medicine. The first and foremost rule of this doctrine is “to help, or at least, do no harm.” Musculoskeletal pain issues, such as low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow more »

Prolotherapy Gets College Basketball Player Back on the Court

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Prolotherapy Gets College Basketball Player Back on the Court By Mark T. Wheaton, MD & John Manley ABSTRACT Prolotherapy is the definitive treatment choice when it comes to connective tissue injuries (ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints) from any cause, such as a sports injury, as is illustrated in the following case report. Usual conservative care options (rest, medications, more »