Journal of Prolotherapy International Medical Editorial Board Consensus Statement on the Use of Prolotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain

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By Ross A. Hauser, MD, Havil S. Maddela, BS, Donna Alderman, DO, Gunter Baehnisch, MD, Robert Banner, MD, Peter J. Blakemore, DO, José Eleazar Calderón, MD, Gary B. Clark, MD, Mark DeLaurentis, MD, Shaun Fauley, DVM, Jörn Funck, MD, Babette Gladstein, VMD,Mark L. Johnson, MD, FACS, George H. Kramer, MD, John Neustadt, ND, Joan Resk, DO, JD, José Hector Salazar, MD, Garret Swetlikoff, ND, Rodney S. Van Pelt, MD, & Mark T. Wheaton, MD more »

Prolotherapy and the Dilemma of Finding the Right Diagnosis

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By Jörn Funck, MD If Prolotherapy is really as successful as always reported why is there only such a small group of experts existing all over the world? Dr. Hemwall, one of the pioneers of Prolotherapy once replied, “because it is too simple.” I agree with him on this point. Giving the precise injections is not more »

Knee Coronary Ligament Injury and How it Can be Cured Successfully with Prolotherapy!

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By Jörn Funck, MD A very common knee problem, especially with sports men and women, is a lesion of the coronary ligament. Nevertheless, many doctors and even knee experts have never heard of this specific ligament and its problems. The coronary ligament runs from the meniscus to the tibial plateau edge (medial and lateral), on the more »

Why I Switched from Orthopedic Surgery to Prolotherapy

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By Jörn Funck, MD The journey In 1975, after I finished my clinical education as an orthopedic surgeon, I opened my private office as an orthopedist in Luebeck, Germany. In those days the possibilities to operate were not so good for young orthopedic surgeons. Big operations, like hip replacements, were done only in the large public more »